POLICY: DKP Points/Bidding/Loot & Item Rules

Contains all the rules and regulations for public raiding. Read-Only.
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POLICY: DKP Points/Bidding/Loot & Item Rules

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Public is a DKP system (dragon kill points).
Raid DKP is earned in time increments – typically every 30 minutes a timestamp is taken and list of people in raid channel is done. This list is used to award raid DKP. Everyone who attends raid – earns DKP in the same increments – it’s based on time commitment.

There are additional methods to earn DKP thru bonus activities. These activities are identified each expansion: Examples are:
• Completion of Hero’s and Partisans
• Reach max level within the identified time frame
• Helping others with content as they cannot do it alone.
• Evolving raid items to max level.

Trial Period - New Raiders.
If you are a new raider (not returning raider) you are subject to a trial period.
• During this trial period, items will be limited to 1 gear item and 1 spell rune per raid night @ 1 DKP for current content raids. If bids go over 1 DKP – you are locked out of bidding for that item.

To exit Trial Period
• Life time earned to be 250 DKP to exit trial period
• How much you raid determines how fast this period ends
• Trial does not apply to non-current expansion raids

Non-Trial Period Rules
Earn points for attending events/raids and then you can bid those points for items the drop based on 30 day attend percentage.

* 0-14 % attend - 20 max bid
*15-34 % attend - 50 max bid
* 35+% attend - no cap

1) Once you win an item at 21 DKP or higher for a raid sequence, you cannot win another item over 20 for that night.
You can bid and win other items for 1-20 DKP. (Raid sequence is defined as a raid night – unless leaders agree to a change in raid sequence).

2) You cannot spend points you don't have.
You cannot borrow from unposted raids, nor can you bid over what is posted - minus any DKP already spent that has not been charged due to delays in postings of some raids).

3) You cannot drive your account negative (you incur a penalty) - exception rule 7 below.

4) You are not allowed to box (unless RL permits it) and it's an event-by-event permission. Just because you boxed one raid does not mean you get to every raid without asking.

5) You must have a declared main, all your other toons are considered alts. You bring your main to raid, unless RL asks you to play an alt, and then DKP earned goes to main.

6) Failure to adhere to bidding rules will incur a penalty
• Driving account Negative
• Exceeding your max bid based on attend %

The penalty will be equal to amount spent on the winning bid OR charge of 100 DKP, whichever is less. Repeat offenders will be handled by leaders with increasing penalties applied. If we have to warn you more than once about a bidding rule infraction you may be restricted from bidding for a period of time - so you have the opportunity to go read the rules.

7) Raiders can always bid 1 on an item, there are no penalties for bidding 1 and driving the account negative.


1) Bid 1 or 20, then all bids must be in increments of 10 after 20.

2) The auctioneer links the item, and starts a count down timer, if bids are raised, timer is reset. If you bid after STOP is called – it is ignored.

3) If more than one person has matched bids, then /random will be called by auctioneer.
6/15/20 update: When multiple items - all items are awarded in random order of highest to least.

4) ABSOLUTELY UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES does anyone LOOT any item, until auctioneer issues a confirmation of the won item in RAID.

Confirmation from auctioneer looks like the following : Grats <NAME> <ITEM> <DKP AMOUNT>. I don't care if 50+ raiders send you tells, or way-to-go messages, what someone says in discord, or your group or guild chat. The only one that matters is that confirmation by the auctioneer in RAID. Note: sometimes even the auctioneer misses something - check your random against others also - make sure your random was the highest. Please wait at least 30 seconds before looting so that we can catch any mistakes that may happen.

Nothing in a raid chest is pre-lootable by anyone, even items we have identified as "Free for all" or 'rotting" on the last 300 raids or the night prior. No one has clearance to pre-loot any item till the auctioneer states the items are available for looting.

5) You CANNOT bid on items in zones if you do not have key from that zone that allows you to enter

6) You CANNOT bid on items that you cannot wear or are level appropriate.
If no one bids then auctioneer may allow bidding to hold an item for future use.

7) If you are added to the raid during bidding, YOU DO NOT get the right to bid
If you were in raid at 50% or higher of event progress then you can bid – but you also have to adhere to outside bid rules if you did not make it into zone.

Outside bid rules:
• 50% > mob health
• Event has to be won 5 times
• You have a lifetime earned of 500 DKP.

8 ) If you raised the bid and pass - the item is rebid.
If there are two items and you pass, your item is rebid, the second winner is asked if they want it at that cost, if not, then it is rebid also.

9) If you raised then passed - you do not get to participate in the rebid on that item.

10) All first auctions of an item - are for upgrades only. (including weapons)

If the item is not an upgrade, do not bid, it's that simple. If no one bids only then will the item be opened up to raiders for "situational use" or "not best in class" bids. This also means that if you bid 1 in the last few seconds of the first pass and it’s NOT an upgrade – except leaders to block your bidding for a period of time.

Weapon collection will result in a 100 DKP penalty if you are bidding and it’s not and upgrade and you wanted it because it was a 1HS vs 1HB

Situational - can be wanting 1hb over 1hp but the item is not an upgrade but a lateral move.
Not best in class - would be like a priest bidding on a caster focused gear because it's an upgrade in hp/mana and lateral HA amounts and visa versa or necro's bidding on tanking gear that is rotting.

Auctioneer mistakes
No one is perfect,
If we don't catch an illegal bid during raid and after the fact, expect a penalty. Some of us get busy during raids, organizing next event, working on DA runs to next spot, organizing raid groups, so looking up everyone's attend or DKP amount is not possible. Some raiders do, and that's fine, please feel free to let us know of illegal bids, but RESPECTFULLY.

Incorrect Looting
While it is rare issue, it happens, for the most part people are careful or try to be. MAKE SURE YOU Loot the correct item; we do apply the penalty rule to this. Then if you drive your account negative, I'll put another penalty on that. MAKE ABSOLUTELY SURE you know what you bid on and loot that item.

Specific Item’s
Shields, Bows, 2 Hander's
For the current highest 2 tier raid content we raid, the following items are reserved for bidding on by the following classes. If none of these classes’ bids, then it can be opened up for those that can equip to bid on (attend % rules still apply):

-Shields - Tanks (WAR, SK, PAL)
-2 Handers - Berserkers
-Bows - rangers

Raid loot - fun items bags/mounts (items with no stats)
Bags/Containers & vanity mounts are capped at 55 DKP bids, attend % still applies to bids.

Raid Ornaments
Are /random off. You must use it for yourself, not an alt, not a friend and no bazaar selling.

Spell Runes
Have been moved to vanity item category and are capped at 55 DKP bids.

Keying/flagging items dropped on raids.

Here is the guidelines for any raider looting a keying item from this raid force.
• All keys will be awarded – typically by the auctioneer or a raid leader

The basis for making one eligible to loot a key are as follows:
1) minimum 500 lifetime to be eligible to loot keys (for current content, older zone keys might be awarded differentially)
2) must meet the current raid level

Being eligible means just that - being eligible but does not guarantee you a key or a key before another raider gets one once your attend or accumulated lifetime changes to higher then someone else..

We normally look at those with attend in buckets of lifetime starting with the highest lifetime going down, 90% attend range, then 80% attend range, etc., so that we can support pushes sooner and raid new content sooner. Unless you just joined the raid force as we left a particular zone behind for keying (not needed anymore), then chances are you might miss a key/flag for an older zone.

If you disappeared for months on end and show up right back at flagging time - then thought will be given to past commitment or how long you were gone against someone who has been here the supporting. For returning raiders we may ask you to earn an additional set of lifetime before being eligible again. At any time if the raid force needs to flag people under 500 lifetime to support pushes it will be considered.

There have been a few questions as to why lists are not published of keying order. To be honest, the lists cause more drama (say it ain't so! ) but it did. People are not just picked arbitrarily, the lifetime/attend does play a part in the decision, along with any information we find out about the raid that may determine we need a couple of specific classes flagged to support event.

However, here are the reasons lists are not posted anymore.
1) I took off work/school today because I figured X raid is not on lockout and we would be doing that tonight - so please go raid that event because I'm up next for key
2) I called in sick today because my name was on the list and we failed the attempt, so we need to keep raiding this tonight till we get a win
3) Why are you flagging that raider over me - my attend has gone up since list was posted
4) Please go update the list before we raid tonight so I jump ahead since I’ve been raiding more to get key
5) If you’re going to use lists, you need to update them daily before each raid so current attends & Percentages are used vs a couple of weeks old, because I've jump ahead of 10 people in the last week.
6) Why am I not on the list? I know I've been gone 8 months but I'm back and I'm up to 50% attend and your list is 2 weeks old . My lifetime makes me head of 50% of the others on the list, you owe me a key.
7) It was stated this target was intended tonight and I skipped school/work and now your changing events, that's not fair because I am up for key.

You can take any of these and multiply them 20X different ways with a lot of cuss words and some drama tells, but this is why a list is not posted in the forums anymore.

DKP Corrections
Mistakes happen - the DKP program will retain the last bid amount on items, and if one of the administrators miss it - a wrong charge can be posted or you were missed out of an attend due to a crash - etc.

We have a section for posting any discrepancies in your DKP - you were charged incorrectly, or charged for the wrong item, the item name is wrong etc. You have 30 days to post from event any changes that need researching - anything over 30 days will be at the grace of the administrator to research it if they choose to.

What is your DKP?
Check website. eqdkpp/

Note: during raids Xslia (nor any auctioneer) is your personal DKP bot/secretary, so stop asking me what your total is, what your attend is, how much I think I’ll give for a raid, when I will post raids, or did I update raids yet, or ask me to make a correction to your account.

ALL of this information is just a click away

I will no longer respond to these tells.

It is YOUR JOB to know your total - spent and what is left, not mine, or anyone else’s

Historical rules that will apply when situation occurs again.

Raid Trophies
Trophies dropped in raid chest will be awarded. Those can place a trophy in their guild hall will be given preference, limiting 1 per guild, till they rot, then open for any on a /random.

Progressive Raid Gear
If any loot requires an individual to have a prior item to combine/upgrade – you must have that item prior to bidding. (You cannot bank an item just in case you get the perquisite item in the future)

This rule started with Crystallos, the essence was worthless sitting in a bank since it could not be used unless you had the tier armor prior to it (from MMM). When SoD came out, the tower raids were formatted same way - you had to have the pimeval slot to us the coeval slot item, etc.

I'm leaving this rule in place so that if we encounter future expansions where the next tier item is dependent on having the current tier item to use it, this rule will be active for progressive raid gear.

Quested item raid drops addendum:
Quested raid drop items follow under the "progressive raid rule" If you are working any quest line that requires a raid drop as the completion point of that series, you need to be last piece step for the raid drop before bidding.

Shawl 2.0 - needed drop from convo raid
Shawl 3.0 - need drop from T3 Shadow raid in RoF expansion
RoF - Class weapon - need drop "eye of fear" from T4 raids.
ToV – Heart Shard of the Statue (Trade skill earring piece)

Raiders that have done all the pre-work and are at last piece are the ones allowed to bid. If your quest line is still in progress - then you need to wait till it's done - or if there is no on at raid that needs it as their last piece then we will open it up for all to bid on.

Raid Trash loot drops
During raids we sometimes have items drop that benefit the raiders. Once we zone into raid instance or start a trash clear to a open zone mob, any augments or raid loot is bid on.

Sometimes we kill trash mobs on the way to zones or while staging and setting up. Those items are typically offered up for /random to the raiders there since we have not officially started as a raid unit.

PM's to private raid forces
Raiders that are PM's OR members to private guilds (non public supporting raid forces) are limited to 20 DKP bids max on any item.

ALTS & loot
1) The raid force is not obligated to offer your alts (alternate characters) rotting loot/flags, if we are in a situation where we cannot CoH you (no mages or not allowed) or it would slow down the momentum of raid, or leaders do not have time to deal with it, then raid leader can choose to let the item rot.
2) Do not ask the RL to coordinate transportation for your ALT if it's not at zone line (not their responsibility).
3) If you cannot get your alt to raid spot safely (died due to X being up or ran into a see invis mob), summon and try again – but do not expect the raid to stop and find your corpse and get you to spot.
4) Your alt must be as close to zone line as possible. Raid will not slow down and wait for you to get to spot to loot, we will continue clearing trash and making our way to next event/raid spot. If mobs respawn in the time it takes you to get to drop spot, we will not go back and preclear

Bidding for Alts
1) Rotting loot, when offered up to Alts, will be /random 32000 for a 1 DKP charge to Main.
2) Your alt must be able to equip/use the item - so be right level and of right class
3) Your main must have 500 lifetime earned to bid for an alt
4) The leaders of public must know the toon as your alt. If there is any doubt of the person logging in as your alternate, then don't expect the item.

The rotting loot should be to those raiders that help us learn, farm, struggle, fight, die, & ultimately win events together as a team. Do not ask any leader if you can log in your GF's second cousin by 3rd marriage or a retired raider that might come back in 5 months or next week. If the person does not actively support this raid force, then the answer will be no, that the current active raiders that are using their alts and playing them - deserve first choice, not some unknown friend of a friend.

Price Fixing & misc. Info
Zetarich wrote: I decided not to put this under another post - because I want to be absolutely sure its read by all.
If ANYONE other than the RL takes a hand in your bidding - please - take a screen shot - send it to me as a PM.
I promise to follow up - and the first time warn the offender(s).
The second time I will subtract 100 DKP.
The third time I will delete their account.
This is just plain BULLSHIT - its NOT what we are about.
We have had some attempts in the past where raiders have tried to "price fix" an item with others in their class to the point they tried to set up a channel for their class that and dictated who would bid what, then received peer pressure if they did not follow along. Price Fixing will not be tolerated, nor will this type of fixing loot distribution by others be tolerated. The post above was from Zeta above sums up my feelings accurately.
Questionable focus/proc item for your class
While Public has an open DKP bid system, this does not mean a raid leader or class leader is not prevented from asking you why you are bidding on something if it's not making sense. (specifically on items that have proc’s or focus effects not class appropriate).

Leaders might try to inform/educate NICELY that that an item is better in the hands of X class, or there are better (class specific options) for you.

Harassment over raising a bid.

If we have a class only item drop and historically all that class has bid 1, then someone decides to not wait and raises the bid they should NOT be called names or harassed

• one case someone was given grief because they took it up over 21 when another person wanted to keep it under 20 to allow bidding again on another item.
• another case someone was giving grief over bidding on an item for 10 DKP, to the point he felt he had to withdraw his bid, it was a class only item, and someone from his class took exception to having to pay more than 1 for it.

To those of you on receiving end of feeling pressured to bid one way or another, or were told to price fix something at “x”, or told to stop bidding on something because it’s cheap and an upgrade that someone else wanted – SCREEN PRINT it, send it to me. I will provide this screen shot to the leaders and we will review the case and make a decision, from a warning to a DKP penalty.

In the end, when the bidding settles, no one should be dictating bid amounts.

Updated 2021.02.15 Xslia - consolidated a few posts and removed some redundancy

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Re: POLICY: DKP Points/Bidding/Loot & Item Rules

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Alt Loot update from ToV:

2020 TOV Alt loot when offered is limited to 1 piece of gear per raid night.

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